More Than I Could Ask For

On October 10, about 10:45, Theresa said she would be starting the healing process of my almost 15 year old choc lab, about 2 weeks before my Lancer had difficulty getting up and walking. He stopped barking and talking to me, he pretty much laid in his bed.

The morning of Oct 10, I didn’t know what to expect, so I sat in my office working, than realized lancer popped his head up and started talking in low subtle voice. I decided to video tape him and he kept talking eventually barking loud, something he hadn’t done in almost 2 weeks. He carried on conversation thru Theresa and I believe it was the angels telling him it was ok for him to go to heaven, he didn’t want to leave and wanted to make sure I would be ok. ❤️

After the session he slept as Theresa said he would. Later that day to my surprise Lancer got up by himself, without my help. It was a different kind of energy I saw in my Lancer. For me that was more than I could ask for. Later in the week, he would get up out of no where and walk. His illness was much too advanced, and on Oct 17 my Lancer went to to heaven 😇.

Theresa gave me peace knowing my Lancer was going to be ok. 💕💙
—Linda O.